Black Friday: 5 Blog Resolutions for 2017

black-open-shoulder-bow-tie-detail-sweatshirt_sheinHappy Friday you guys! When I first started Black + Black, I knew very little about how the blogging world worked. I followed many fashion bloggers’ social media channels, but not their blogs.

Only when people started asking me about my style did I start doing more research to figure out how to create a website, what hosting site to use and what camera to use. I felt completely overwhelmed but was instantly inspired by this industry.

Now that the first year has flown by, I thought today’s post should be all about reflecting on my first year of blogging and how I can make improvements through 5 resolutions for 2017!

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Black Friday: Top 5 Favorite Spots in Atlanta

Happy Friday babes! I’ve been living in Atlanta for about three months now and I absolutely love it. It is such a change of pace from Florida and I’m enjoying the big city feel. This week I gathered a few local spots I’ve liked from my time here so far. Here are 5 top places for you to check out:

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