Oversized Denim

The ever-classic denim jacket has taken a turn to an oversized silhouette that looks like a rugged vintage piece you found from raiding your dad’s closet. Paired with almost anything it can help create an elevated street style look, making it a must-have piece. 

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Black Friday: Top 13 Best Amazon Home Products for Scandinavian Decor

Yes for Friday! It’s been a long week and I’m looking forward to the weekend! My plans are to finish decorating my apartment! I put off decorating just because I was still trying to figure out exactly how I wanted our space to look. For those that follow me on Pinterest, you all saw that I’ve been doing some major Pinterest bingeing on home decor, but this helped me narrow down which style I liked best: Scandinavian. 

 This led me to find some Amazon home products designed for a Scandinavian decor that are great quality and affordable – especially the line Handmade. So, I’ve put together a few pieces that I’ve bought personally and some items that are in my apartment wishlist! 

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Top 6 Swimwear Trends for 2017

Happy Friday guys! Summer is here which means new swimsuit trends for 2017. Every year we see swimwear styles changing and evolving so I thought I’d share the top 6 ones you’re going to see this year. I personally love the one pieces this season with the front detailing, but comment below and let me know your favorite swimsuit!

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I recently got back from Cat Cay, Bahamas– one of my favorite places in the world! The trip was filled with the best local foods and long afternoons lying on the sandbar. It was hard coming home after six days in paradise, but I’m excited to share my vacation with you guys! So, if you’re planning a summer vacay somewhere tropical here are my looks for inspiration: