4 Reasons why I’m adding this serum to my skincare routine

I’ve tried my fair share of serums, but the Invisible Shield Defense Serum from Acaderma stands out. Here are my four reasons why:

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#Ad Let’s talk bras! To be honest, bra shopping has always been frustrating for me. I have been measured and sized in stores, so I always thought I was wearing the right size, yet every bra I tried would either dig into my skin or straps would slip off. So, I found myself reaching for sports bras instead.

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Saying Yesto Skincare

I recently said YES to hydrated, clear skin this summer withΒ @yesto! πŸ…πŸ§Ό

I first tried their, Ying & Yang Detoxifying & Hydrating Black & White Charcoal Double Masking Kit. I tested this mask and used their Spatula Mask Applicator to spread the black charcoal over my t-zone and the white charcoal over the rest of my face. After, my skin really felt hydrated and smoother, and it also helped calm down a couple of breakouts that I had.

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