Bahamas Getaway Packing List:

Bahamas Getaway Packing List

Bahamas Getaway Packing List 

Hello, hello!

The Bahamas are a magical place and I am excited that I get to spend the next six days there exploring. Where I’ll be staying is a small, private island called Cat Cay, with only 100 residents. This is a beautiful part of the world and is absolutely gorgeous with lots to see and do by the water. 

If you do have a trip planned for the Bahamas or are thinking about it, I’d say look for lightweight pieces that are versatile and chic! Think gingham, gladiators, linen, flowy dresses, and ruffles! Don’t forget multiple bathing suits and sun protection, like hats!

I literally found so many cute things for my trip and can’t wait to share the pieces with you all! Make sure to follow along on SnapChat (ashley-paul1) and Instagram!



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