Black Friday: Top 8 Products to achieve a Dewy Makeup Look

selfie_lookThe 2017 makeup trend is in: dewy, natural, and highlighted skin. This is one of the most sought-after makeup tutorials and trying to make sure you’re using the right products isn’t always easy.  

Most often, a dewy look gets mistaken for a “glowing” or “luminous” finish leaving your face too shimmery, which isn’t exactly the look you want. To help you guys out, I’ve gathered 8 products you need to get achieve that dewy look: 


  1. Wash your face morning and night with Vanicream Gentle Facial Cleanser



2. After cleansing, take just a small amount and rub on Royal Jelly to bare skin ( only do this before bed.)


3. Before you apply your makeup prep your skin with No. 5 Serum


4. Most people forget that their lips need to stay hydrated too. Use The Lip Slip throughout the day and always before bed. 


  5. Apply moisturizing foundation


6. Use a cream highlighter


7. Apply a little translucent powder for a flawless finish. 


8.  Finally, set your makeup with a dewy setting spray. 





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