Black Friday: Top 5 Black Jumpsuits



Happy Friday everyone! I’m sure all of you have seen the news on hurricane Matthew. I’m so thankful to have moved away from Jacksonville when I did or else I would be facing this brutal storm over the weekend. I have family members and friends of mine still living there though and hoping Matthew doesn’t hit them too hard.

On a better note, today’s post is about my favorite black jumpsuits right now. Like I’ve mentioned before I love fall fashion because of all the layering opportunities. And with these five jumpsuits adding a turtleneck, graphic tee, or a silk blouse underneath is a great way to show off the layered look. Here are my top five black jumpsuits: 

  1. Romwe Black Deep V-Neck Jumpsuit romwe_black_deep_v_neck_jumpsuit_outfit
  2. Zara Golden Button Jumpsuit                 zara_golden_button_jumpsuit
  3. Topshop Velvet Slouch Dungaree Jumpsuit topshop_velvet_slouch_dungaree
  4. Nasty Gal Ties & Yours Relaxed Trouser Jumpsuit nasty_gal_ties_yours_relaxed_trousers
  5. Shopbop Flynn Skye Jade Jumpsuit                     flynn_skye_jade_jumpsuit-_-shopbop_




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