Spring Mules That Are So ‘Raven’


Wide double bands cross a platform heel in a must-have sandal for spring.

Topshop’s construction and cushioned foot bed make this ‘Raven’ Doubled Band Mule Sandal as comfortable as it is fashionable. The ‘Raven’ comes in black leather and is a great fresh finish to casual sweater and shorts look. And, yes, this was me when I found these ‘Ravens’…giphy

NOTE: Denim shorts aren’t the easiest look to pull off style wise.

So here’s my fashion faux-pas knowledge on denim cutoffs: always keep in mind skin to show balance. You can do this by pairing your short shorts with a top that covers your shoulders. This will help keep your look stylish instead of appearing sleazy. Also, ripped shorts add a casual vibe to any outfit so dress it up with more classic staples like this H&M black knit sweater and Chloé Drew Bag dupe. It can make all the difference!

Let me know if you’re feeling my ‘Raven’ look below!

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 12.35.26 PM




3 thoughts on “Spring Mules That Are So ‘Raven’

  1. […] Forever21 and paired it with Missguided’s leopard skirt. Then I finished the look with my Topshop Raven mules. I love these shoes because I think they’re a really good example of the mules to […]


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